Cantabria Labs P.O.L. Emollient and Protective Cream 100 ml

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P.O.L. Emollient and Protective Cream 100 ml is a rich and full-bodied cream based on Purified Lipids of Omentum at 25% indicated in all cases in which the skin needs a strong protective, emollient and repairing action. Indicated for the care of the skin of young people, adults and the elderly made vulnerable, dry and irritated by disease or external aggressive agents, it is specifically formulated for the treatment of peripheral vasculopathies of the lower limbs, frosts, bedsores, skin at risk of injury in patients forced to prolonged immobility, skin subjected to compression (brace / chalk), vulnerable skin (post-burn), diabetic foot ulcers. Purified omentos lipids work by improving blood circulation and restoring the optimal conditions of a delicate and attacked skin. Their action is enhanced by the synergistic activity of Vitamin A, Vitamin E, Allantoin and Hyaluronic Acid that moisturize the skin and allow faster healing. Free of added fragrances, it is tolerated and safe. Apply an appropriate amount of product on the surface to be treated once or twice a day as needed, massaging gently. In case of ulcer, apply the product only to healthy peripheral skin. Format : 100ml pack


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